Olimpia umivaonik Clear - Dimenzija 66 x 44 cm

Olimpia umivaonik Clear - Dimenzija 66 x 44 cm

21,100.00 rsd
22,500.00 rsd


Nadgradni umivaonik Olimpia Clear

Dimenzija umivaonika 66 x 44 cm

Cena umivaonika 20 100,00 rsd


Olympia Ceramica offers modular concepts, mixing ceramic elements and furniture, to design refined, classical and contemporary bathrooms with style and personality.


The complete and ergonomic solutions of Olympia Ceramica propose a charming aesthetic, without forgetting the functionality and saving cost, giving the same prestige to the product shape and as to its meaning.


Olympia Ceramica has always been aware of the environment and for this reason it created "Water is life project", becoming an example in the market and emphasizing how the sanitaryware can help the environment friendly and clever water consumation without losing the high aesthetic and technical quality.